Blessed Rest of Heart

We sometimes sing a hymn, the first verse goes as follows:

“Oh blessed rest of heart
From doubting fear and sin
A rest in Christ the risen Lord
Who sweetly reigns within”

This week I have been fighting inner demons, struggling to overcome, feeling weighed down, and impossible to live with, and to just be.

And then this afternoon we sang these beautiful words, and I could just put everything aside. I could just be at rest. A load was lifted off my shoulders.

We serve a living God, one who is so much higher than our thoughts and circumstances and experiences. He is above all these things, and He cares for us. He loves us. He loves us through our failures and shortcomings and temptations.

Tomorrow I might be weighed down all over again. But it is now Sunday evening Sydney time, and for the rest of day I will be at peace. At rest. A rest in Christ, the risen Lord, who sweetly reigns within.

7 thoughts on “Blessed Rest of Heart

  1. It is those moments from which we gain the power to make it through the storm. Those moments tell us that all is fine and that one day you are through this all. They tell you to keep moving and that you are not alone!

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