At Peace

I am at peace with the world
I am at peace with me
I am at peace

Thank you for my beating heart
Thank you for my life
Thank you

If this my last night shall be
Let me live it

Spare one last night to breathe in
All the pure goodness
Surrounding me

I have lived, I have loved
I have fought
I am

Grant one last wish of mine I plead
That my written words should be
My testimony

And if I should not make it through the night
Know that I am at peace, I am at rest
There are no words left in me


24 thoughts on “At Peace

  1. So happy to read this! I was thinking today if today was my last day I have had a good life and have seen 2 dreams come true! I never planned a single thing so the rest is bonus living for me! I’m so happy to read this! Sending love to you! ❀

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    1. I’m so glad to hear from you! Thank you for reading my poem. I often have so much angst and anxiety, sometimes it is good just to be in a place of calm and peace. Will drop you a note! Xx


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