An Old Friend

I met up recently with an old friend. We last saw each other seventeen years ago. And when I saw her again, I immediately recognized who she was. I recognized her mannerisms, her voice, her personality, her way of being. What I realized is, we remember. Throughout our life we connect with others. And they imprint themselves on us, and we on them. What impressions do we want to leave? How will we be remembered?

How do we want to be remembered? 

8 thoughts on “An Old Friend

  1. Wow thats a long time with a lot of catching up.
    I recently met an old friend after 8 years and it was like we had just time travelled back in time.

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  2. With the start of 2017, I have several old friends I have lost contact with, and that I want to reconnect. We all get so busy with our lives and there are people in my past who were very important to me. Your post reminds me of this fact.


  3. How do we want to be remembered?Be someone who brings a smile on their faces when they think of us or be that cynical person who when thought about and remembered ,makes faces dance in sarcasm.
    Like it ๐Ÿ™‚

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