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  1. Are dead ends really dead or just ends that mark the beginning of something new. I always like to take the path and see where it goes the only way to move – be it ahead or backwards 🙂

    Good post!

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  2. Good morning Vonita…

    Your post was my first read of the morning with my cup of coffee and after pondering it for some time now, I just can’t let it pass me by. I have always found that banging my head against a brick wall will often clear my vision… for I must have had some cloudy foresight to have wandered a dead end path so long and so far to have found the end at all… but after you finish banging your head… remember… the choices we make of the pathways to follow… make us who we are in this moment… All the pathways we follow lead us to enlightenment… If we come to a ‘blank dead end’… we needn’t search for another… just take a few steps back and you will find a trail that will lead you to a brighter pathway. Like your post on the Queen of Katwe… a soft light from a single candle can shine its light upon you… even in the darkest of moments….

    Your posts… and the comments you have so compassionately left for me to find on my site… have brightened my day so many times and in so many ways… I know that you will not linger in the darkness… the reflection of your own light will shine the way to a new pathway… Perseverance… is not an option.

    Hope your day is filled with beautiful moments… and thank you for sharing a part of you with us…


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    1. Hi Michael, thank you for this very well thought out and insightful comment. I’ve re-read it a few times. Sometimes I post things (as many of us do) without realizing it does have the power to brighten people’s days and perhaps that is something to keep in mind, for recently I am not feeling bright at all. Why did you say perseverance is not an option? Does that imply we should rather be accepting to find a new path and leave the existing?

      Thank you again for your encouraging thoughts, Vonita xx

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      1. Hi Vonita… perseverance… persistence to be true to ourselves… no matter the difficulties we may face along the way… When we find that our pathway no longer reflects our truth… we must find another pathway to wander… or be willing to sacrifice our inner peace. Sometimes… for whatever reason… we can remain on that pathway even if it seems to dead end… but normally… when we come to a dead end… if we continue that path… we wind up in the weeds… No one can make that decision for us… we must do that within ourselves. Whatever the choices we make… they all fit together in one way or another… to make us who we are.

        I am so sorry that you have not been feeling bright at all as of late. Perhaps it is a reflection of that dead end path… perhaps you can just step slightly to one side of the other of that pathway and be happier with what you find there. Whenever I am in doubt… I always listen to that little inner voice… Of course… there have been times when I told that little voice to shut up and wound up in places I should never have gone in the first place. Hopefully… I have learned ‘something’ from those experiences.

        Please accept my hugs and wishes for wellness. Sometimes our lights can get a little dim… but ‘perserverance’ will keep them burning…

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