This morning I woke up in the heat of summer, low on seritonin and happy pills in general, so decided today is the day for ice cream (and anything else I can find).

So I indulged in ice cream and Turkish delight and homemade milkshakes and marshmallows and pasta followed by seconds and lemon dessert and candy and went back for more ice cream and cheese toasties with extra cheese. And coffee with cream because who cares about soy.

The day is not over yet.

23 thoughts on “Indulgence

      1. Amazing, my best place ever was at Welgevonden, I went there twice, and absolutely loved each time. On my bucket list to do again. Thornybush is apparently also very nice, and the one that you have listed, dreams atm though, sigh xx


      2. I had a boyfriend who broke up with me in 1999 by going to Thornybush on an auditing business trip and never told me he was going. That was our break up haha, but he had told me beforehand how awesome it was there as he had been before. And since then I’ve always wanted to go! 😀 one day in my wildest dreams


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