This morning I woke up in the heat of summer, low on seritonin and happy pills in general, so decided today is the day for ice cream (and anything else I can find).

So I indulged in ice cream and Turkish delight and homemade milkshakes and marshmallows and pasta followed by seconds and lemon dessert and candy and went back for more ice cream and cheese toasties with extra cheese. And coffee with cream because who cares about soy.

The day is not over yet.

Wedding Cake Fail

Ok, so sometimes I have good ideas, and then sometimes I have not so good ideas. Like my wedding cake. As an example. My husband-to-be and I were paying for our own wedding, and on a tight budget. The venue we had booked included an ice-cream cake as part of the lunch menu. Who needs a wedding cake I thought, when there is already an ice-cream cake on the menu. It can double up. Pretty it up and there you go. Cake. What a stoopid idea. Try romantic photos attempting the slicing of a cake, an ice-cream one. It was so rock solid frozen we could not even put an ice-sharpened knife through it. And it had a green ribbon around it. When my color theme if I could say I even had one, was orange. Not green. Not clever. Not cake.

Bowl-Licking Good

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mouth Drop.”

My jaw dropped on the evening I gave my husband-to-be a bowl of ice-cream, and he enjoyed it so much he licked the bowl (we were still in the getting-to-know-each-other phase). And then all was explained when we visited his mother a few days later (bless her!), and she did the same! I was so shocked and horrified I couldn’t stop laughing, and I’ve never seen them do that again. It’s a big joke now between my husband and I.

How good is this ice-cream? Bowl-licking good? bwahahahahaha 🙂