Two years ago I was posting to Facebook, being all excited about writing and being really weird. Facebook sends me notifications everyday of ‘this day in the past’. This morning I was horrified to see my weird posts from two years ago. Omigosh, all I can say is thank you to WordPress readers who have been reading me for two years. Some of my early WordPress posts have been just as weird. I’m feeling somewhat embarrassed about my over-the-top, clumsy and strange Facebook and blogging posts. That’s the thing about writing and blogging. We start at a certain point, and then we begin to grow. Evolve. It’s interesting and sometimes a bit scary to look back and see how we were then, and how we are now. I started blogging as a challenge. Because I wanted to write. I discovered I love writing. And poetry! Poetry is awesome.

14 thoughts on “Omigosh!

  1. I started blogging just so I could find a way to channel my thoughts down because I had a lot of interesting stuff I didn’t want to be forgotten. Facebook and Twitter are nice but they don’t allow you to really develop an idea fully, which is why I ventured into the previously uncharted land of blogging.

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  2. It’s so amazing to find something that really interests you so much. I started my blog so that I write more often..I always loved writing buy somehow felt I wasn’t doing enough of it. But now I’m content… I can’t say how good or bad my posts are but I truly love creating them 🙂
    I’m sure you feel about your posts too. And what’s more important is that you acknowledge the evolution through this journey… 🙂

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  3. You are at the right place now. Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with our sensitive posts but they are beyond comprehension of audience on FB…who know nothing better than copy-paste others’ work or take glam pics.

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