So apparently, according to my teenage, and soon-to-be teenage offspring, their mother is generally weird, and does random things. Like dancing at a concert. And chatting to the stranger next to her. And taking selfies with both hands. Who does that? And she says random things. In general. Nice to see my kids both in mutual agreement over something.

And they haven’t even read their mother’s blog, or anything she writes in order to confirm their view. (And please may they never).

Yeah. Random. That would sum up their mother in one word, I would say.

Heat Wave

It is nearing 6:30 pm, I stepped off the bus and slapbang into the middle of a heatwave. I had to take my time walking home, even stopping to rest it is that hot. The sun beating onto my arms, glistening drops starting to form, my body temperature soaring, and if this is what it means to be in Sydney in January, all I can say is:

Roll on my birthday month April pretty please

Against Nature

The first time a connection with someone new is made, there is a clean slate between those two people. There is nothing on the slate, the connection is unwritten. And from that single moment, the image begins to form.









All these things merge to form a bigger picture. And after a while, we may like what we see. Or not. Does the image presented before us make us happy? Does it uplift? Does it encourage?

Or does it drain and destroy and suck energy and make us want to resist? If it does, perhaps for our own sanity we need to walk away. I hate closing doors. It is against my nature.

Perhaps this is my lesson?

Which One?!

Okay, I’m down to three, and for the life of me I can’t decide! Birthday shopping Vonita-style, they each have their own card and wrapping paper. All with return vouchers so I can obsess in comfort.

So, A (florabotanica 100ml), B (Issey Miyake Pure with gift box 90ml), C (FlowerBomb teeny weeny 30mls with gift box), or D (flowerbomb 50ml but no gift box)?  All similar values.

Help! Which one!

(My friend is in age range 45-49 if that makes a difference?)

Help, Perfumes!

It’s my BFF’s birthday next week, and I’m considering buying her a perfume. Because a woman is not dressed until she has on perfume. Perfumes react differently on different skins, but needs must, I will have to go with a good, safe choice. Any suggestions? Do you have a favorite? Estée Lauder beautiful? D&G light blue? Chanel coco? Chanel no. 5? (And don’t worry she doesn’t read my blog!)