Feeling Inadequate

We all have pressure points, soft spots, triggers that invoke feelings within us. This past week I have been having a few of my pressure points being pushed, invoking a sense of sadness within me. Feelings of inadequacy. Lowering my mood, and preventing peace. Today I went and sat at the harbor and just allowed myself to be still. To honor those feelings within that sadden me. I listened to a busker playing his guitar. Allowed the notes to flow through me. It felt so therapeutic. Just to be in the moment, and to be.

28 thoughts on “Feeling Inadequate

  1. Oh I hope you are feeling better now. The sound of water calms me down, no matter what mood I am in…and I hope it did good for you as well.
    And if things haven’t gotten any better yet, remember that this too shall pass! ^_^

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  2. Sounds like you did a good thing for you Vonita. We can ‘honour’ and acknowledge those ill feelings and let ourselves feel. What you did is great self-care. But we cannot let ourselves get down, let those feelings control us and make us act out, they still might, but I think your awareness of them and the peace you feel acknowledging them and clearing your eyes was a good thing — a smart thing.

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    1. Thank you for these thoughts Mandi, it was mentioned to me ‘everything in persepctive’, and I understand there is so much to be thankful for, so I do resent those feelings when they come up, but they still do arise and we cannot just pretend we don’t feel just because we do have it so much better than many others in the world.

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