Aqua Eyes

Aqua eyes
If I wear green, my eyes are too
Hints of brown, trying to break through
Other days my eyes are blue

Window of the soul we are told
Reflecting all that we would be within
In all my anxiety and fear
Self-loathing when it does appear

I take the time, just a minute or two
To re-acquaint with those eyes of mine
I view my eyes from outside me
And start to feel some empathy

For there is a soul behind those eyes
Soul in pain at times, and agony
I want to heal, I want to pray
Be at peace, have love for company

If world be black, and only white
With solitary item in its starting hue
One request, this I plead!
Please leave my eyes, with their aqua blue

13 thoughts on “Aqua Eyes

      1. I am trying to catch up these days but soooo difficult. You have like a few hours to kill every day (too little, actually) when you just reached home and see the kids, spends too short a time with them and off they’re gone to bed already, and there are evening when I am alone when hubby’s on night shifts, and I am so tired as tomorrow to wake up early is our ceremony of the daily activities … 😛

        But I will check up more soon as I will have three days off. Got sinus this morning! Uh … runny nose …

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Time is so short! I mainly read blogs on the bus. We are going away for two nights so have to get up and pack. I bout anti-histamines for my sinuses and allergies! Xx


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