Weakness in 6 Words


In my weakness, You give strength

And on a personal note:

I do not write under a pseudonym. My name is my name, and I am writing in a public space. So just to say:

My blog is a place where I allow my soul to express itself. I do not edit very much, if at all. I allow my fingers to type and what is typed, that is what I post. Some of my poetry is drawn from past experiences, life situations, hopes, dreams, desires, wishes. Not all of it is auto-biographical. Or of recent times. It is just what it is. At the moment I am going through a difficult time. Trying to create a new me. And some of the old is hard to let go. It is hard to change. It is hard to create a new something. Whatever that may be.

Thank you for reading ❤


38 thoughts on “Weakness in 6 Words

  1. Just be yourself here it’s fine. Whatever time or part of yourself you choose to share. I don’t judge, I hope others feel the same. You are very right it is difficult remaking yourself. Do the best you can, that is all you can do. Best of luck Vonita and hugs. I know you are fighter and will come out of this better for the struggle and hardship.

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    1. Thanks Mandi, some of my recent posts are a bit *not very encouraging* I guess, and so I thought perhaps I should mention this. It might be easy for others to pass judgement or to read all my writing as something that is current for me at the moment, but it is words my soul is wanting to express. Thanks for your support and encouragement ❤

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  2. Dear Vonita, the power is you, in you. And just be yourself, don’t think so much, let your spirit talks…Your poetry is not you when you dropped it, when you wrote and posted it… and everybody will find something related to him/herself…,About change… it is really hard, but it is good too, Think of this, Spring how makes a new start once again after the winter days… I wished to be there and to take you out for drinking a cup of tea or coffee… There would be so many things to talk and to share… Actually my feelings in these days are not good, but I let myself to float in my poetry… 🙂 a kind of freedom of my unspoken moments or feelings…
    Anyway, sending my love, Thank you, nia

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    1. Hi Nia, I’m sorry your feelings are not so good these days. It would be lovely to have a coffee and to share! I can feel your love from so far away! Thank you for your encouragement xx

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    1. I hate being me. But thanks Mark! I bought US dollars today, a whole heap of one dollar bills for tips because hats apparently what you do in the States. They didn’t have $5 notes so got a wad of $1s! 🙂


  3. I went through dark times where I really had to swallow my pride and ask for help just to survive. It’s humbled me deeply, and I’ve learned that most people will reach out to you. Thanks to them, I was able to get through it. Time changes circumstances, and heals hearts. This comment is late, so hoping you’re in a better spot today. The title of your blog itself holds hope, I think, for better things; few things are better than poems and petals.

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