Final Bow

we do our best
we try to aim
to reach the skies
to play the game

to live a life
of love and stars
of peace and joy
and no more wars

but we are tied
to earth and soil
we breathe the air
of nature’s toil

it may not be
we might not reach
the dreams we dreamed
the tales we teach

our flesh weighs down
it cannot be
that we are freed
into liberty

so take a moment
and say a prayer
blow it softly
into the air

all will pass
and this we know
struggles will end –
a final bow.

Weakness in 6 Words


In my weakness, You give strength

And on a personal note:

I do not write under a pseudonym. My name is my name, and I am writing in a public space. So just to say:

My blog is a place where I allow my soul to express itself. I do not edit very much, if at all. I allow my fingers to type and what is typed, that is what I post. Some of my poetry is drawn from past experiences, life situations, hopes, dreams, desires, wishes. Not all of it is auto-biographical. Or of recent times. It is just what it is. At the moment I am going through a difficult time. Trying to create a new me. And some of the old is hard to let go. It is hard to change. It is hard to create a new something. Whatever that may be.

Thank you for reading ❤