A Smile

Over the past few weeks (months even), I’ve been somewhat burdened – life stress mounting and not always knowing how to handle situations. A general feeling of being overwhelmed perhaps is the right choice of words.

This evening I was challenged by the irrepressible Erika (I’m Free) to see the positives. (Which I must add I try to do as a practice, though the heavy feeling inside of me still persists).

Not five minutes after reading her message and thinking on it, a very sweet lady sitting next to me on the bus turned and thanked me for sharing my seat with her. I was sitting on a “one-seater” at the front and moved up to make space for her. She said it was very kind of me, and she really appreciated it. It was my stop soon after, and she waved and smiled at me as the bus drove past. She smiled with such a sweet, kindly smile it was impossible not to be touched.

A small moment proving again a higher power is at work.

21 thoughts on “A Smile

      1. I don’t know about the issues and of course I would never say “this and that is the solution”. But I can suggest that you keep up the way to look out for the beauty in life. We all have burdens and we don’t tell everybody. That’s a fact. But the burdens and the sad things which happened in our lives is not the only thing. There is so much we can be grateful for. And as soon as we concentrate on those facts too we open up to a different perspective and energy which again changes the way we look at life, the way we think, the way we act. This again causes changes towards the changed perspective… the better it gets, the better it gets! As I said we always find reasons to be frustrated (which weakens). But will always also find things that make us happy and thankful (which strengthens). It’s a choice which defines the further path. The past cannot be earased but the future can be created – Now.

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  1. It is wonderful, that despite feeling “down and pressured” you could still see and feel that moment with the lady as extra special, as a message of a higher power at work. Your eyes are open and with thought, time and communication with those you trust, you are on the path, it appears, to working on what is plaguing you. I wish you well and happy and healthy thoughts through this trying time.

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