14 thoughts on “No!

  1. I read the comment to Sherrie. Perhaps that person was a reminder that there is always a reason to be happy. For some reason we also always find reasons to be sad, depressed or frustrated. Why not looking for reasons to be happy?

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      1. I was literally sitting there feeling burdened and thinking of your comments when this dear soul turned to me and smiled and thanked me for being so kind. And then still waved and smiled at me when I climbed off two seconds later.

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    1. And just to prove your point, there was a lady I shared my seat with on the bus and she just turned to me and thanked me for sharing my seat with her and she waved and smiled goodbye when I left the bus, she said it was very kind of me (I was sitting on the front seat which normally only seats one, but moved up so she could share). ❤

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