Execution Night

In the next few hours while some of us are asleep, nine souls are going to be tied to a cross and shot. Dead. Amongst them, brothers, sons, husbands, fathers, a daughter and mother.

People will say they did the crime, now do the time. They are going to be doing the time. By paying with the rest of their lives.

Myuran Sukumaran, a reformed man (if only because he was caught), will refuse a head mask. He will be facing his executioners until he can no longer see. Hands and feet bound, there will be nowhere to go.

Nine cheap coffins have been delivered. White coffins to match their white clothes. White clothes with a target sign to mark their heart. Their dying day has already been engraved on a wooden cross to mark their lives.

They know the date, they know the time, they know the manner in which they will die. And now all they have to do is wait. Until their hearts are peppered with bullets. Ten shooters for each soul, three with live ammunition *so that no one knows who fired the final fatal shot*

And those that refuse mercy, will have dinner, and sleep, and live their lives. Perhaps watch with satisfaction the agony of the mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers and children left behind. Content with their hearts untouched by bullets, and untouched by mercy too.


36 thoughts on “Execution Night

  1. They were stupid but there are for sure worse criminals than them. What was done so far is nothing else but torture. Mental torture! And still, Australians keep traveling to Bali! This is crazy! And as much as everyone still hopes: I’m sure they will be executed. An examples “has to be set”… And the world is watching… And the drugs keep coming OUT of Indonesia… And the world keeps traveling to Indonesia…

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    1. I will never go there, that’s for sure. It is not just them that are punished, but their families. How anyone can sleep at night knowing that they ordered it to happen is beyond me. Do they absolutely have no hearts? Anyway, it seems they will be executed just a few hours away.

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  2. This is by far the best post I’ve read about this topic today. I agree that they should enforce their laws but firing squad is too much for me. 😐

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      1. I know! I’m just glad things are looking up for her right now. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the other 8. Still praying for MJ and the families for those executed.

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  3. So sad….
    what makes them judges of who gets to live? I’d like to see someone judge all these murderers, child rapists, sex traffickers, and all these disgusting terrorists who think they are above any law

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  4. Dear Vonita,
    In this world, justice is complicated, some say it must be served, but such brutality for men who have been rehabilitated… it makes me cry. I love this post as it deals with the horrific execution with such care and love. Next time anything like this occurs, I truly want the person to imagine themselves in the ‘offender’s’ shoes. Thank you for writing such a beautiful post yet again…
    Olivia xx

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  5. In this instance I could not bring myself to press the LIKE label. This would have been totally disrespectful of the situation unfolding…INSANITY of man…thank you for your post brimming with so much compassion.

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