A few years ago we decided to make our transition to Australia official, and we accepted Australian citizenship. We are now Australian. We are able to sing the anthem with pride and ownership. Our prime minister, for all his faults, is Malcolm Turnbull. Not Trumbull. Not Trunbull. Turnbull. Maybe Trump and co liked the matching pattern of ‘Trum’ even though it is not a matching pattern at all. Turnbull is not perfect, and Australia is not perfect, but it is a good place to live in. The benefits far outweigh the negatives. The people are relatively friendly, there are no wars, it is safe, we have fresh food, lamingtons, shelter, work, and also, in general, there is courtesy. We wait in queues if we have to. We make way if we have to. We are protected by anti-bullying and harassment laws. 

Which means the brash and disrespectful tone of other leaders towards our own leader hits hard. It leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth. It is unnecessary and uncalled for. It is bullying behavior. 

And it saddens me. For many of my WordPress friends are from the US. Good, kind people that have been lovely towards me. That I now count as friends. I feel really warm towards this wonderful, caring community. 

We had the opportunity to vacation in the  beautiful state of California. One of the first sights one sees upon entry into the United States is a flag, as well as framed photograph of POTUS. For us it was a smiling photo of Obama. I’m not across the policies that he had, but as a person he seemed like a decent human being. Courteous, respectful towards his wife, calm, considered etc. Not a bully.

Our vacation timing worked out well. Otherwise we would now be facing a four year wait, at the very least. 



I Still Call Australia Home

Today we celebrate Australia 🇦🇺 Day. There is much to celebrate! Relative safety, sun, parks, beaches, transport, coffee. Work. Opportunity to grow. We made a decision ten years ago. To take up a challenge, and make Australia home. We did, and we have never looked back. 

Thank you, Australia, we still call Australia home!