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I met you when you were newly born
Your face touched my heart, and you were mine
Companions we have always been
And I miss you now so terribly
I wish you were here to be with me
I will never forget your love shared
So unconditionally
You were mine, and my heart was yours
Wherever you may be, my dear beloved one
I’ll hold your essence right here
In my memory

14 thoughts on “Skeeter

  1. My first cat died when I was 12 and we found him covered with mud and blood. A bad, bad dog had attacked him and it was days later that I know why …. My mother found his girlfriend hiding in a nearby barn and she had kitties. My cat was just wanting to protect his family and I cried more, mourning over his lost for weeks … Gosh, I was just a child and he was my best friend … 😦

    Sorry about your kitty there. He look so adorable!


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