Wasting Time

I wait for you to call
But the phone never rings
I wait for you to text
But my mobile never beeps
I wait for you to email
But no email ever arrives
I wait for you to Skype
But Skype never sounds
I wait for any small sign
To show that you might think of me
Until I can finally deny no more
That your thoughts are not on me
And I realise with a pain so raw
That my waiting has been nothing more
Than wasting all my time

24 thoughts on “Wasting Time

      1. It is easy to write unfiltered. My husband was wondering about this poem, it was a poem that came to me *that is all* (though I had dated prior to being married to him, so have been there and wasted time waiting 🙂 )


  1. Ahhh! I can see what happened there. It’s ‘just a poem’ as you said but it’s also ‘just so real’. 🙂
    PS: I am glad you got yourself some new (and old) poetry to read. I am expecting my shipment of poetry books next week! Yay! Have fun at the retreat – presenting or not.

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