Delicate Threads


I used to think we were special
I used to think we were love
I used to think my dreams had come true
I used to think my prayers had been heard
But now I’ve learnt
My thoughts were just like threads of a spider’s web
Glistening in the sun
But as soon as it is touched
The magic that created it
Leaving the delicate threads
To disperse
As if nothing
Was ever there

Falling in Love

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Whoa!.”

The most surreal experience
Is that moment I had of falling in love
Of waking every morning and knowing
Someone was waiting to be with me
To spend days of studying together
Being together
The chemistry, the attraction, that feeling of being alive
And in love
My heart was young
My body was too
Those were the best days
Of my life