Can I capture time? And preserve it for always. So it doesn’t escape or spoil or merely slip through my fingers. How I long for those days of yore, when children’s laughter filled the home and my heart. When days ahead seemed boundless and never ending. Oh this time is a cruel thing, and so it is. Time heals everything, and yet, it is time that snatches everything in its path as well. A greedy lustful enemy is time.

Days of my Life

A calendar adorned 

My bedroom wall

And across the surface 

I scribbled with the writing of a


School days and dances 

Sports and friends 

Driving lessons and kisses 

Life and love 

The cartoon characters 

Kept me company 

The pictures made me


Bound pages held 

Strong and sure

But still 

I removed the calendar

Scribbled with writing 

The days of my life 

My moments 

And threw the pages


Closer to Thee

Yesterday I took a moment, and read my posts of the past year.

A year of my life. A year of sharing. A year of growing and understanding.

Friendships made and lost. 

Tears and dreams. Disappointments and temptations.

Still struggling for victory. Still struggling  to overcome.

But I have been blessed. My family is safe. I have health. Sound mind. A home.

And I still have time and opportunity.

(Lead me, God, closer to Thee).