Magical Tact

Worlds meeting worlds
Souls meeting souls
Connecting together
On this journey of life

If I may offend
If I may speak or write
Without diplomacy
Or magical tact

Don’t turn from me
Have empathy
For if I realise
What I may have said

I would feel remorse
Would want to make amends
Because your friendship
Means more to me than defence

14 thoughts on “Magical Tact

    1. Thanks, I have a habit of speaking directly and without filter (a.k.a diplomacy or tact), and I’ve learnt that not everyone is willing to forgive, it is sometimes harder to make amends than I used to believe πŸ™‚


      1. true Vonita..I realized sometimes in anger I dramatize some things for the sake of making an impact, which I don’t usually mean..and its harder to make amends later..

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      2. I always grew up with the belief that if one has remorse and apologises that it would be accepted and people move on, maybe it is because I am a foreigner in a different country, speaking with a different accent, that I have found it not so in the country I have moved to. If I offend, it seems really hard to make amends. Am learning through my blog and daily writing how powerful words actually can be, and with it comes responsibility, time for me to grow up I suppose πŸ™‚


  1. “Worlds meeting worlds
    Souls meeting souls
    Connecting together
    On this journey of life” – this is lovely Vonita! We are exactly this – souls meeting souls on a journey through life. Not all of us, for whatever reason recognise that we are all on a path. We have a physical body, but essentially we are souls experiencing humanity. If only we could operate and treat each other kindly from our higher selves and rise above petty and restricting human desires. If only …

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