Girl Power


Sometimes we girls need friends. Some girl power to lift us up, and remind us we are loved. Today I spent a couple of hours with one of my girlfriends. I arrived with a sore heart. Only to find that it was uplifted and encouraged. We enjoyed the sun, the scenery, the coffee, the lunch, the company, each other, and celebrating the fact that we are girls. No, not girls. We are Women. Mothers. Wives. Friends.

We are passionate. And we are awesome. 🙂

Friends Forever


V and I have been friends forever.
Or at least since I was twelve years old. We grew up in the apartheid years. Which meant we could not go to the cinema together. Or a restaurant.
Or catch a bus. Our friendship was only possible because we attended a Catholic school, and mixed race was permitted. V often used to stay in our home. She knew my parents well. Distance may keep us apart, but we will always be friends.

Feeling Helpless

One of the worst things living in a far away place is simply that. A far away place. Too far to simply hop in the car, and check up on a loved one. Being at the mercy of friends and family who may or may not be able to do so upon request. Today I needed to check up on a close relative. My initial two points-of-call were logistically not able to. And then came a long series of who to call, what to ask, how to manage, what to assume etc. I have a close friend whom I grew up with in apartheid South Africa. I am fair-skinned, she is dark. We were only able to become friends because we attended a catholic school, and they had permission to enrol mixed race. My friend used to stay with us sometimes on the weekend or when it was too hard to get back to her home in Soweto. I contacted her, please friend. Before I could say another word she was in her car and on her way. I got this, she told me. I love her so much. I love that friendship is color-blind. I love that true friends remain true. Now to wait for her to be my eyes for me, and to be a presence for me. To tell me the truth.