Hardened Wall

textured stone wall, Spanish city of Valencia, Mediterranean arc

Say a word
But all I get is a
I knock
But there is no
Your silence is deafening my
While the pain in my chest
Deafens my soul and mind
The stone and bricks have been
One upon another
There is no way to enter in
Speak to me!
I plead
My tears flow forth
But there is only an impenetrable
The wall surrounding you
Is too strong
I cannot enter

Help yourself, goodnight

Someone’s left you a voicemail message, but all you can make out are the last words: “I’m sorry. I should’ve told you months ago. Bye.” Who is it from, and what is this about?

“I’m sorry. I should’ve told you months ago. Bye.”
Hmm. What should you have told me months ago?
What haven’t you been telling me?
All this time we have been together

For some reason
I am not getting a good feeling
I knew there must have been cause
For all your weekend work

The unscheduled callouts
Work-related schedules
That would happen
On my time

I’m over you
There is no need
For any more messages

Left for me on my voice mail
That I can hardly make out
Do not want to make out
Do not want to hear it

And BTW, there is no message
That I do not know anyway
I was not born yesterday
I do not mind sharing

It is secrets I do not like
And information being withheld
As if I would even care
I’m tired, I’m off to bed

But before I go –
No joy from me
Help yourself
Good night