It is impossible not to feel encouraged and hopeful when surrounded by so much love. Yesterday, having a bad day and being tired at work, a colleague offered assistance via another colleague who saw that I was struggling with something, and my manager offered for me to go home early. And then So many kind, wonderful, caring, amazing friends here at WordPress, I can feel the love and care, and it is so much needed and appreciated. And it has definitely encouraged.

So to all my friends, near or far, thank you! You mean the world 💕🌸💕


Everyday I am so encouraged by the wonderful writers on WordPress and the amazing community spirit. I feel strengthened daily by the support of strong, positive, talented friends that I have made. This evening I received the most wonderful surprise, and feel so overwhelmingly touched that I would really like to share it! I have to share it, because I’m bursting with the news, I can’t keep it inside! My daughter was excited to find a parcel in our letter box, and couldn’t wait for me to arrive home to open it. Her dad wouldn’t allow her to as it was addressed to her mother. Can you imagine our surprise when I finally arrived home, and it felt like Christmas! Inside the parcel was a beautifully wrapped gift, so amazingly thought out, I have tears in my eyes! A collection of not one gift, but a whole parcel of different items. My daughter was able to guess a book, and ‘something soft’. We opened it to discover a book of Rumi poems, a beautifully bound journel with Old Istanbul depicted on the front, traditional design table cloth and pillow set, a handwritten letter, and a card with the most gorgeous kitten on the front! So much kindness and love in one parcel, that I do not have any words to express the meaning it has for me. All thoughtfully packaged my dear friend Nia. (Am sharing with permission). Nia has a soft, graceful, beautiful spirit and can be found here:



She is also a cat lover! Thank you, dear Nia, from the bottom of my heart. And also from my daughter, she has already announced that she will cherish the pillow set forever. I am going to have a fight to get them back from her!



Shopping Bags

At my local supermarket, a shopping trolley can only be used in exchange for a coin. I never bother because it is sometimes difficult to return when the shopping is done, and I’m wanting to get home. So I rather suffer in silence, buying only what can fit in a few bags that can be carried by hand. This morning I was waiting at the car park elevator, burdened with my heavy bags, bigger items wedged underneath my arms, ready to go. No trolley required! I felt a tap on my shoulder. A kind elderly couple said they have plenty of room, I can share their trolley. I attempted a polite decline, but they insisted. After the elevator came to a stop, the man said he will accompany me to my car. And helped pack the bags for me. All with a smile and good nature. A random act of kindness that really touched me.

Defeatist vs Gratitude

It was commented to me by a friend today that practicing gratitude on one level is being defeatist, and that I am it. Instead of being more assertive in what I would want, and not want, I rather accept any crumbs thrown my way. I thought about a conversation I have had recently with someone else, and I had started off with a fiery opinion. After a few choice words from the recipient, I lost all my fire and traction I had in the beginning. So I admitted to my friend, yes I guess I am defeatist. Yeah, look at you, I was told, even being defeatist about being defeatist.

Thank You!

Thank you for all the kind wishes sent my way. The WordPress community is really wonderful, am so touched to have received so many kind words and wishes from souls living in different parts of the world, people I’ve never met, the kindness and community spirit is overwhelming!

You have helped to make my day very special, I am filled with gratitude, thank you!

This cute little puppy belongs to my best friend, her name is Charlie, I received these photos this morning to wish me happy birthday!


Airport Farewells

The last time I saw my mother
I waved her goodbye, kissed her farewell
Entering the airport, she went on her way
Flying out the land, and out my life

The last time I saw my mother-in-law
Was at an airport, kissing her farewell
Stepping on a plane, she went on her way
Returning back home, and leaving my life

My mother, and my mother-in-law
Two blessed women who gave unselfishly
I never often said thank you
For all the love they showed to me

So these few words are dedicated to them
To give thanks, and to say thank you
For the nurturing, comfort and care –
You are in my heart, we are never apart