Defeatist vs Gratitude

It was commented to me by a friend today that practicing gratitude on one level is being defeatist, and that I am it. Instead of being more assertive in what I would want, and not want, I rather accept any crumbs thrown my way. I thought about a conversation I have had recently with someone else, and I had started off with a fiery opinion. After a few choice words from the recipient, I lost all my fire and traction I had in the beginning. So I admitted to my friend, yes I guess I am defeatist. Yeah, look at you, I was told, even being defeatist about being defeatist.

15 thoughts on “Defeatist vs Gratitude

  1. Practicing gratitude is anything but defeatist. It takes more courage and confidence to walk through your day being grateful and expressing it than to bypass the chance to say “thank you”. The ability to be grateful comes from the inner confidence that One greater than you holds you in His hands and you have a life to live full of purpose and confidence.

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