Can I capture time? Trap moments in a bottle and seal with a golden cork. Oh my darling with your lips on mine and your hips so fine and your tender caresses and your kisses of wine.

Oh my darling I love you so, could you ever really know? Would you ever know the love that flows, a stream that drowns my fears, that washes my tears, that carries me to you again and again and again.

I drown in my sorrow. The emptiness that covers me in black. I’m left with a pitch of death and no escape. My soul screams for love. My soul screams for help. I cry for you, oh my darling, oh my love. Where are you?

5 thoughts on “Covered

      1. Yes, I am doing very well too. As you said, an absolutely crazy year. It is the most stressful year in my whole life. But all my fault, started too many projects and underestimated them. I am glad you are doing fine. Let’s hope that this year is coming to a good end.

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      2. Yes I hope so, I also have so many changes this year and more coming up so hopefully everything will settle after that 😊 sounds like you’ve had a productive year though!

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