Can I capture time? And preserve it for always. So it doesn’t escape or spoil or merely slip through my fingers. How I long for those days of yore, when children’s laughter filled the home and my heart. When days ahead seemed boundless and never ending. Oh this time is a cruel thing, and so it is. Time heals everything, and yet, it is time that snatches everything in its path as well. A greedy lustful enemy is time.

15 thoughts on “Time

  1. How true! the changes time bring are hard. However, I realized that in all the changes time has brought, God has taken me those places and means those changes to challenge me and so help me to not just get old, but keep a young spirit.

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  2. Time, such an illusive thing. When I think along the lines of your post, I start to sing that Abba song in my head – ( slipping through my fingers… ). I never sing it aloud though, as it would result in howls of protest. My voice is definitely not good enough for solos. Peter Hoeg wrote a novel about the concept of slowing time by being aware and conscious of every second. I try to think of that as well…


  3. My grandson was born nine years ago, and it feels so strange, where did that time go? I was going to learn how to use my camera better so I could take better photos of him, but I never did. Two more grandchildren came, but they show me time slipping away so fast it is unbelievable. When I was younger, I had a different relationship to time. Your poem is exquisite, and captures this deep feeling of loss I have from time to time. (Luckily, that feeling passes!!!)

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