People come and people go

Some with notice and some say so

Others kiss you and walk away

Mothers hug you on their last day

I had a mother and then she was gone

Brutally left to fight on my own

Never again to hear her kind voice

Left with an emptiness, a certain black void

Moving along I live my own life

Free to be me, no one to advise

I heard her advice, in the time she was here

And now she is gone, I have nothing to hear

My dreams tell stories in a dark lonely night

The pain I carry, a never-ending fight

She left me, and never came back

I was left standing, gasping for air

The pain is buried, but somehow it’s there

In my daily life, my mistakes and torment

I will love, for that’s all that stands in the end.

9 thoughts on “Taken

  1. Vonita, after reading this I truly appreciate the positivity u have in u.
    I pray God that he gives you all what u want in ur life.
    And then ur achievements will make ur mom proud of you, because she is watching you from heaven that how strong you are.

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