Mother, I’m Waiting

My mother visited my dream last night

My child where have you been, she cried

“It was not me that went away,

I’m always waiting” – my soft reply.

My mother left, she flew from me

In the dark of night

Through a starry sky

Days have passed, years have too

I’ve waited waited waited

I’m waiting still

I’m waiting for my mother’s

Sweet return.



People come and people go

Some with notice and some say so

Others kiss you and walk away

Mothers hug you on their last day

I had a mother and then she was gone

Brutally left to fight on my own

Never again to hear her kind voice

Left with an emptiness, a certain black void

Moving along I live my own life

Free to be me, no one to advise

I heard her advice, in the time she was here

And now she is gone, I have nothing to hear

My dreams tell stories in a dark lonely night

The pain I carry, a never-ending fight

She left me, and never came back

I was left standing, gasping for air

The pain is buried, but somehow it’s there

In my daily life, my mistakes and torment

I will love, for that’s all that stands in the end.

To My Mother

I see you in my dreams

I hear you in my mind

I feel you in my heart

I remember the very night

You flew from the land

And from my life

I am married now, Ma

I have a beautiful boy

And a daughter who looks like you

You are a grandmother now, Ma

Your legacy to the world

Your purpose lives on

I live your lessons every day

In my heart and in my life

And all I have is one tiny message

From my heart to yours

After all this time and what has been

Your baby girl is okay


In memory of my mother

28 April 1951 – 19 April 1996

You Are My Company


This morning I walked my daughter to school, instead of dropping her off outside the gates. When we entered the road that her school is in, there was only a short way to go, and she is getting older now. I said to her, you can walk the rest of the way by yourself. And she replied, I don’t want to, I want you to walk with me, you are my company. One little sentence that made my heart soar, and heart sore for knowing that she will grow and fly away. Yes, my child, for now, I am your company, and you are mine.