I Am Love

This morning I could hear my self-talk starting. That critical inner voice that is just so cruel and merciless. And more than that, I could feel my own self-talk.

I felt berated. Angry. Frustrated. Irritated.

Eventually, I confided in a friend. Someone got the better of me. Yes, my friend agreed, someone did get the better of you.

I decided to take some time out to be still. My past actions have all been my own. My decisions have all been made by myself. With my own motives, my own desires, my own uniqueness.

How then did someone get the better of me. They did not. The only thing getting the better of me is my own self-talk.

That cruel, merciless voice.

But that is not me. I was created with love. I was created in a moment of love (or so I’ve been told). I am love.

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