Depression and Migraines

Long term readers of my blog will know that I have suffered migraines for many years.  I have been getting headaches and / or migraines every single month for at least the past twenty years or so (except during my two full-term pregnancies).

But for the past two months I have had no migraines at my regular time. I started light anti-depressant medication towards the end of March. So far I have not missed a day.

So I can see from my personal experience, that there does seem to be a link between depression and migraines. Even insofar that they can perhaps be treated by the same medication.

I feel like I have been given a new life. I am feeling positive. I am obsessing less. I feel strong enough to make career decisions.

On the downside, my poetry is diminishing. It is evaporating from my mind. I put this down to my decrease in obsession. My mind is ruminating less, and therefore less poetry.

However, I see this as a positive thing!


15 thoughts on “Depression and Migraines

  1. Feeling so much empathy for you, but wonderful news that medication is working for you. Don’t worry about your poetry, your health is more important. In my experience, you’ll maybe find that once you become used to being more comfortable, your new found zone will allow you write with unabated pleasure, hehe, ….. I’ve suffered years of anxiety, and in more recent years excruciating headaches (probably man headaches, ha), but luckily after months of tests and scans, specialists and all that stuff, they’ve discovered my problem/s, and my various programs have considerably eased my headaches, and it’s been a while but I’m back on board and writing, not that well, but as long as I have words on paper I seem to be to be satisfied. Wishing you all the best Vonita….

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  2. Hi Vonita, thanks so much for your post. Glad you are feeling better and getting a bit of relief from your constant pain. I agree that there does seem to be a link between depression and migraines. For me personally, I’ve noticed there is a direct link between my own pent up anxiety and my headaches. I tend to have a bit of social anxiety so I will ruminate for days before a big event, getting very tense in preparation, and then once it’s over (say a presentation or something) I’ll be hit with a massive migraine. For me I’ve found if I am more relaxed, less of a perfectionist and more willing for things to go just OK (instead of perfectly) I have less headaches. Anyway, ramble over, hope the inspiration to write more poetry comes soon – perhaps you will have more to write about now you’re not in so much pain!

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  3. It’s wonderful that you’ve found some sort of relieve! One day soon all sickness will be a thing of the past (Isaiah 33:24; Revelation 21:4) and I anxiously await that day for you and my family members that are dealing with the same issues.

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