My Grandfather

When I was but a child
I would sit enraptured at the knee
Listening so very earnestly
To what my grandfather would say to me

So many stories he would share
Of life – how it was when he was young
I would hear tales about macaroni shells
And how they grow outside on trees

Stories about children growing up
Silly mistakes that they would make
And I knew to never take most things he said
Very seriously, because he might just be kidding me

For a sense of humour he did have
He could make me laugh when I was feeling sad
Lighten the air with only a smile or hug
And I do so miss him now very much

Not all his words were humorous jokes
For wise thoughts he would also share
Warning me that growing old
Is not for the faint-hearted, one must be strong

People fill our hearts with stories they tell
Infuse our vision with their lives and their love
And one day we find they have been taken from us
Leaving only memories as a faded note

That they lived and we loved them
For a short while they were alive as we are now –
Our own stories will touch younger hearts
As our hearts were touched when we were young


33 thoughts on “My Grandfather

  1. This only reminds me of how precious time is and were when my grandparents were alive and how i miss them. I don’t speak my grandparents mother tongue but i never realized that i knew some words until i started writing (a book project) simply because i remembered what i used to hear my grandparents say when i was a little girl. These memories were kept in some corner of my mind. We never realize how beautiful life is until we start loosing the people we love.
    Great post!

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  2. This reminds me of my grand father he died when I wAs eight did not get a many chances to hear stories from him but he was a great writer in his times through his books I read I feel he is tellng me stories 🙂

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    1. What type of books did he write? My children are growing up without knowing grandparents, they only have one whom they’ve only seen a couple of times. We spent so much time with all four of our grandparents, it was such a privilege and I knew a great grandmother as well.


  3. Great story our Grandparents had life experiences we would never imagine. Thank you so much for finding and following my blog.


    1. He did have a great sense of humor, that I can say for him! He loved to tell jokes and makes us laugh. Whenever we slept over he would always make us tea, wonderful memories!


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