Two Sides

Big news is! I gave my first toastmasters speech this evening. And I never would have thought it, but apparently I am a natural! I have to admit, I love public speaking. This is really strange to think because I hardly ever speak during the day. Just keep to myself, try not to burst into tears, and harass people for help. And go home and write poetry. Because poetry 😍

But this evening during my speech, when I wasn’t speaking on anything technical with the accompanying feeling of being less than, I was a totally different person.

I received the most fantastic feedback. Like they were listening to my speech like it was scenes from a movie. And I have the most open, sparkling personality and smile. Wow. Was that really me they were referring to? My bff has told me that too before, she said there are two sides to me. The confident sparkling Vonita, and the other one.

16 thoughts on “Two Sides

    1. Thanks for your comment Debbie, the question is to what though? A question I’ve pondered since I was studying my computer science degree! I’ve ruled out project management, tech leading, tech consultant (anything with tech in it), sales, I just don’t know! I’ve had the same role for 21 years, it’s the only environment / industry I know (and not very well at that!)

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      1. I had the same problem. My father gave me a computer at the age of five and decided my career for me. I didn’t have a chance to figure out what I wanted. I’ve been lucky enough now to be given the opportunity to discover that writing is what I want to do. Try different things and ask the Universe to let you know. I find that if we pay enough attention we see the synchronicity when it’s the right thing. I also felt only half adequate in IT, half the time. Good luck. Don’t allow excuses about age, money or public opinion to sway you. If you want it, then do it! It will be good for your health and sanity to be doing something that you love.

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      2. Well done on making a change! Did you manage to find a job writing? I love to write, but I struggle with structured writing. It is more a hobby for me. And I love poetry. But that’s not really a career choice is it, even though I hate using the word ‘but’! Decisions decisions ..

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