The past few months I have been participating in my local toastmasters club. I wonder if any readers have participated before, and what their thoughts might be?

Last night I presented my third speech. It was meant to be a prepared speech, but I was standing in for someone so pretty much spoke off the cuff.

The club president had a word of praise for me. He said that I have a ‘genuine story-telling talent’. I am not able to express how much this means to me.

I have always been introverted, overlooked for many things in my daily life, have a small circle of friends. But when I look back, there has always been a desire to speak in front of people. To speak into a microphone. To speak with authority.

Someone last week mentioned that a far as public speaking goes, I need to push myself. I can either live ten years once, or one year ten times. It is a nice thought. However, I cannot just stand up and speak. It has to come from within. It is the same with poetry. I cannot write a poem. It has to appear in my mind before I can pen it.

These thoughts were echoed in the comment last night. I have a genuine talent. And it’s only a talent I am discovering now.

Everything in its right time.

Two Sides

Big news is! I gave my first toastmasters speech this evening. And I never would have thought it, but apparently I am a natural! I have to admit, I love public speaking. This is really strange to think because I hardly ever speak during the day. Just keep to myself, try not to burst into tears, and harass people for help. And go home and write poetry. Because poetry 😍

But this evening during my speech, when I wasn’t speaking on anything technical with the accompanying feeling of being less than, I was a totally different person.

I received the most fantastic feedback. Like they were listening to my speech like it was scenes from a movie. And I have the most open, sparkling personality and smile. Wow. Was that really me they were referring to? My bff has told me that too before, she said there are two sides to me. The confident sparkling Vonita, and the other one.