Happy Pills

Day 10, I am hoping to stabilize and elevate my daily moods. Am still very despondent, and my mind obsessions are still playing out. 

Am not sure how having a stable mood will affect my writing. For years I have been on an emotional rollercoaster, many downs and ‘very downs’, not many very highs, though sometimes I have been ‘okay’. The ‘very downs’ seemed to spark writing in me. But also perhaps contributed to ruminations, and the continual feeding of my unhealthy thought patterns.

This past week I had a small success at work. In amongst all my failures. I sold myself to a client who is needing assistance in another state. They have requested that I assist them from the 1 May. I may have oversold myself. Something that doesn’t happen very often! 

16 thoughts on “Happy Pills

  1. Much love on your journey. I have gone through downs and anxiety. Feel free to email if you feel to. I’m happy to share anything I have found. I’m not writing right now. But I am always happy to pass notes.❤L


  2. Thank you in an earlier post telling me how you ran into him again and how tough it still is, Vonita. I didn’t find the post or comment. Life has been rather topsy turvy and I may have “scared” the man I have dated for 10 months away. Sad but will live, but sad. Thanks for listening. I was just expressing how much I appreciated him.

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    1. It is tough Robin, I am not healed yet. But I have started taking sertraline (zoloft) 50mg, so hoping it will stabilise my moods, reduce anxiety, and generally help me to feel happier. It hasn’t kicked in yet! We will persevere xx

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      1. We will make it through since we have good friends, children and really not much extra time to dwell on the losses or lonely longings. Seems we will “muddle through!” Hope the small dose will give you some help to stabilise and reduce anxiety. hugs xo

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  3. There is much to write about, irrespective of mood. It just takes some adjustment, when you are used to writing within certain moods.
    And may you rise to the challenge of work, and surprise yourself with capability!

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