Wily Charms

Take me naked
Take me dressed
Take me anywhere
The way you like best

Take me wild
Take me free
Unlock the desires
In the woman you see

I’ll be yours
I’ll open my arms
I’ll submit myself
To your wily charms


8 thoughts on “Wily Charms

  1. Take me wild, take me free,
    Show me the world you see.
    These lines organically just piled up right after I read your lines…I hope it isn’t too rude to try to add a couple of lines 🙂
    lovely poem V! What a pleasure it is to read your works.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, I love that, I’ve taken the liberty to update my poem, I hope you don’t mind! Thank you for that wonderful suggestion, I love it ❤️😀


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