My Happy Day!

And so I’m feeling happy and upbeat. And that is a good (and unusual for me) thing. I was invited to consult to a company in Adelaide for 8 weeks, starting mid-April. Which means. Travel!! Yay, I may even be allowed out of level 4 of the building I work in, and go to Adelaide. And be a specialist in something. Well, normally, I am not feeling like a specialist in anything, so to be a specialist for a few weeks will make me very happy indeed.

Next week our company is having a trivia night. I took up the challenge. And booked a table. *We will submit a team*. By lunch time, all spots were filled. Normally I am feeling like a lone ranger at work. No developers in my team Β left anymore, blah blah boring, but I organised a team. And not only that, I have ‘The Trivia Queen’ on our side. So bring on the trivia.

And then! For some reason, I got caught without an umbrella. Every day this year I have carried an umbrella, but for some reason not today. And it poured. And I soaked. I was drenched. A drowned rat. But it’s my happy day! Which means a random gentleman waited for me to cross the road and shared his umbrella with me. And escorted me to my car.

But before that. On my way to the eye-test, I passed ex-friend narc (the same old who is the reason for this blog in the first place). Shoulders back, chin up, yo, hold that swagger, girl. And I did. And I smiled. And I am good, thanks!



17 thoughts on “My Happy Day!

      1. Thank you, I’m on sydney time so it is now Wednesday afternoon (5pm), on my way to chicks at the flicks cinema event with a friend, beauty and the beast is showing πŸ˜€ should be fun! Wishing you a great day too xx

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