My Happy Day!

And so I’m feeling happy and upbeat. And that is a good (and unusual for me) thing. I was invited to consult to a company in Adelaide for 8 weeks, starting mid-April. Which means. Travel!! Yay, I may even be allowed out of level 4 of the building I work in, and go to Adelaide. And be a specialist in something. Well, normally, I am not feeling like a specialist in anything, so to be a specialist for a few weeks will make me very happy indeed.

Next week our company is having a trivia night. I took up the challenge. And booked a table. *We will submit a team*. By lunch time, all spots were filled. Normally I am feeling like a lone ranger at work. No developers in my team  left anymore, blah blah boring, but I organised a team. And not only that, I have ‘The Trivia Queen’ on our side. So bring on the trivia.

And then! For some reason, I got caught without an umbrella. Every day this year I have carried an umbrella, but for some reason not today. And it poured. And I soaked. I was drenched. A drowned rat. But it’s my happy day! Which means a random gentleman waited for me to cross the road and shared his umbrella with me. And escorted me to my car.

But before that. On my way to the eye-test, I passed ex-friend narc (the same old who is the reason for this blog in the first place). Shoulders back, chin up, yo, hold that swagger, girl. And I did. And I smiled. And I am good, thanks!



Grotesquely Excited!

Today I connected on social media with an old colleague from early in my career. We haven’t spoken since early 2000. I was single in those days, and living in Johannesburg. He has wondered how life has treated me through the years. This is someone I worked closely with every day for two years, and traveled to the U.K. together with on training. Somewhat like a work husband 😂

I spoke about my four day job (yay!), and how it was fate that I got my current role. The company started off as a South African company, and is now a top global IT company. I worked for them in South Africa as well.

I was thinking on this positive conversation when I arrived home. That’s strange, I thought, walking into the kitchen, and finding post with my name on it. Who could that be from?

Our NSW branch manager, that’s who! Grotesquely excited to congratulate me on my work anniversary. Woo hooo!!!

How awesome is that? No, really!