I Can See!

I was advised to have my eyes tested. Because it’s only been ten years since my last test (in Johannesburg before we left). And because over forty. And eye sight. And eye health. You get the idea.

I took the hint, and had my eyes tested. And I have perfect eyesight, yay! I can see near, far, up, down and side to side. All unaided. I can focus. I can read up close and personal. I can read very, very far away. Just about everywhere, except behind. 

Next test in two years ๐Ÿ™‚


23 thoughts on “I Can See!

  1. Congrats!!! Lucky you! I am shortsighted since I am 15 and for about 5 years it is accompanied by a slowly growing longsightedness, which makes it difficult to wear contact lenses. On the other hand, I see perfectly in the closer distance without any correction and even my shortsightedness has improved a bit!

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  2. Thank goodness, at least now you can see me. And the Spanish hustle went good for now, they do know where I live, just had to do some mafia style technikes. Heeeey! can you hear me? Just in case you had both, the sight and ears…… wink wink

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