My Mind

My mind billows 

In every direction

Flying into space

And sinking into oceans 

In depths of sadness

And waves of emotions

My mind drags me high 

And sinks me low 

It attacks with violence

And loves with passion 

It drives me crazy 

And keeps me sane 

My mind is my enemy

And also my friend 

My only company 

Surrounded by solitude 

My mind is a kite

Flying in the sky 

And an anchor 

Keeping me


18 thoughts on “My Mind

  1. I really liked how you describe your highs and lows in your state of mind. I think my mind soars like a kite, but hadn’t thought of it as an anchor before. I would have had mine sinking like a stone in the ocean.
    Maybe people close to me may be surprised how low my mood takes me. . . Your friends’ comments about your beautiful mind are spot on, Vonita. ❀

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    1. My mind does exactly the same Robin, also sinking in the ocean and it doesn’t come back up easily, but I am focusing on doing things that make me happy, like beach visits! I’m sorry to hear about your moods too xx


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