Growing Stronger

On Friday I encountered two situations that would have triggered meltdowns. Not one meltdown, but I would have gone straight from one into another. Things that happened that are my trigger points for sure. Those situations – a comment from someone, a fear of missing out, of rejection, of abandonment came rushing to the fore.

But I am healed and healing. If I ever wondered if I needed to be on medication, now I can testify how much it has helped. I was able to acknowledge those situations, identify that they are trigger points for me, that they would have had power over me in the previous days, and set them aside. Continue with my day.

I have been reduced so many times in the past to tears. The trigger points that  invoke a pain inside that shortcut any rational thought. I would be overcome. But on Friday I was not overcome. And it felt good. Empowering.

Every day I am growing stronger.

Six Weeks

Six weeks on happy pills, and this is what I can say. I am laughing more. Like actually laughing. Today I said something to a colleague, and I used the wrong word, and it was really funny. I laughed! And I’m smiling more. It seems easier to smile. It seems easier to be upbeat. To have a cheerful disposition. 

I have contacted a life coach, and meeting her on Monday. Small, positive steps to lead the life I want to lead. A life of fulfillment and happiness and joy and positivity. All things good!

Happy Nails

I’ve been on medication for five weeks today. I still have anxiety and my obsessive thoughts, but I noticed something yesterday. 

My nails have grown! Normally they get to a certain length, less than what they currently are, and I tear them off in a state of anxiety. Usually when I’m at work and struggling with something. I know. It’s disgusting. A bad habit. This past week I have been under time pressure and trying to learn something. But I still have my nails.  

Is it because of the happy pills? I’m not sure. Maybe it is!