15 thoughts on “What I need 

    1. My struggles seem to be internal Robin, outwardly my life is fine, I don’t have any real worries apart from the usual daily, it is my heart and mind I am battling with mostly. If that makes sense?

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      1. No, you are welcome to, I enjoy (and need) the interaction. My world is quite small, not much interaction at work or at home. That is perhaps the main purpose of my blog. As an outlet and interaction with others. Not sure if I can across as being outwardly strong? I think I come across as being quite reserved actually, but I really do enjoy people and being around people. I am actively trying to increase my world in whatever way I can. Because I have so little interaction with others, I get (too) attached to those friends I do make, and that is why I’m struggling so with the loss of the other one I mentioned. xx


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