10 thoughts on “I am Free

      1. Very, from an outsider’s perspective I am sure I would be displaying obsessive thinking, though I have confined myself to writing about it only, and not translate into action. It is an inner battle with my mind. If that makes any sense at all? I had coffee with a friend this morning, and her daughter who is now 20 was diagnosed with ADHD as a child, and she was sharing with me peculiar actions that her daughter would do, and I could see some similarities in how I am. I was also diagnosed as a special-needs child back in the day, but I don’t think forty years ago there was as much information as there is today. I wish my mother was alive so I could ask her more about the report that was done, because I can remember going for the assessment and starting school a year late. I only know about this because my dad threw it into a telephonic conversation a couple of years ago. It had been suggested I attend a special school and he wouldn’t allow it. My friend’s daughter and I seem to have many similar quirks, and it explains a lot of how I behave the way I do, and also the current situation that is playing out in my mind, and giving me no rest at all<3

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      2. Letting go is hard. I just “broke up” with a good friend of mine and I was questioning it as well. So many emotions were involved.
        I too have the tendency to overthink things and end up asking the same questions over and over again.

        The truth is some people drift apart and it hurts. Cherish the good times you had.

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      3. I’m sorry to hear that as well, yes there were good times and that is what keeps on replaying through my mind. I just have to set it aside. What I find is writing about it is not always cathartic, it just ends up feeding that which needs to be set aside! Thanks for your insight x

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