The Story about a Duck

There were two little children on a farm. They were surrounded by many animals. And chickens and ducks and pets. One day, the little boy was throwing stones. One of the stones hit a duck. The duck died while the sister looked on. The brother was too scared to tell his mother that he had killed the duck. So the sister hatched a plan. Don’t tell her. We can just say the duck died. The brother thought that was a good idea. And so that’s what they did.

The following Monday the sister told her brother to hand over his lunch money. He said no. Remember the duck, she replied. And so he handed it over. Same with her school bag. Carry my school bag for me. Carry it yourself, he told her. Remember the duck? He carried it for her.

Until he realized he could not go on. His sister was having all power over him. So he finally plucked up the courage and confessed to his mother. I killed the duck! he told her. His mother dealt with it, and it was over. No more power. No more having to hand over lunch money and carrying bags and being beholden.

And the next time his sister reminded him about the duck, he could tell her. It’s over, mother knows about the duck, I am free.