Here’s the deal with narcissists. They are like set in cement, and never, ever change. It is all about them. Even when it is not about them, they make it about them. And if they feel criticized in any form or fashion, expect to be punished. In whatever form. Expect to be ignored and brushed aside. Because you are not worth anything. They are experts at manipulation and mask-wearing. The facade is everything. Even if they are caught red-handed, they will be annoyed if others do not believe their lies. Because how can others not believe what they say? Even if what they are saying is so ludicrous it would be evident to a three-year old. They will attempt to gas-light. May succeed. Because you will doubt your own sanity. They are over-the-top charmers. Their charm will intoxicate. Until the coin is flipped and their real self is revealed. Cold, callous, abrupt, dismissive, anything but charming. It is hard to be charming all the time. The facade saps energy. It will only be a matter of time before the real self emerges. Be warned. Be prepared. Take care. Take action and walk away.

Finally, how do you know when a narc is lying?

When his (her) lips are moving.

26 thoughts on “Narcissists

      1. Haha! I simply got to know how she is thinking. She always thought she was so much smarter in manipulating me. So I started saying things (without lying!) or acting in a way I wanted her to believe things …. lol! She got completely confused when everyhing turned out differently only because of her false attitude 😂

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