Calling for New

Seeking new beginnings
Waiting for the thrill
Impatiently enduring
Time’s boring bitter pill

Can my life be altered
Somewhere near or far?
Lift me from my current
To the nearest star!

Out towards the heavens
My eyes – they lift aright
For I hope tomorrow
Dawns after this long night



19 thoughts on “Calling for New

      1. I think so, If you want to get with some person, me!!!, yes, you will probably get a thrill from your normal life. That’ s for sure. But just a small thrill of it, then get back to yourself….or maybe you change me, who knows

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      1. You certainly are a lady, but as we say here in spain, be a lady in the kitchen and a who..r in the bed.
        I think that was a bit out of the top, I just hit delete, my fingers are too short,
        and no, in person I wil never say that…. I think, anyways it is a good saying.

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