All The Light We Cannot See

It has indeed taken me over a year to finish my Christmas gift of 2015, ‘All The Light We Cannot See’ by Anthony Doerr. After a few slow starts and false starts of other books, it is done. And what I can say is this is one of the best adult books I have read. Something happened around the midway mark. The book reeled me in, and I couldn’t put it down. Yesterday I read the last 200 pages. I read until it was finished. That makes it a winner.

About the book (no spoilers), it is set in WW2 and weaves a story between a German boy and blind French girl. The writing is vivid and rich and contains sections of beautiful prose. 

I have just woken up to it racing through my head, a story that stays with you. Harrowing and poignant. Truth and fantasy intertwined. A must read.

6 thoughts on “All The Light We Cannot See

  1. I’m really happy to hear you love this book! On New Years I slept over at a friends and of of course, I’m sleeping on the room where all her books are. I notice we have similar tastes and some books she has, I want to read. Usually, I read books I’ve bought in a tablet (the ones I read over) and take some brooks out of the library. I knew she wouldn’t mind if O borrowed one book. She wasn’t up when I left so I didn’t want to bother her.

    I’m so happy to read this one in paperback. I’m on page 53 and reading more tonight. Although, unfortunately my friend didn’t read this one and needs it back at the end for Jan. I guess I’ll have to read fast. I’m happy you liked this book, it makes it more exciting for me to read!

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