Biking the Bridge

 2016 contains one of my most memorable life moments. Biking the bridge, right up there with wedding days and babies being born, and citizenship ceremonies etc, it was one of those “I am biking the bridge” moments.

I also received a lovely surprise gift from Turkey, met Minnie Mouse at her residence in Disneyland, saw a rainbow at majestic Yosemite, spent time with my dad, hit the shopping sweet spot at a certain Sandton City, went to a wedding, and spent Christmas Day in a cabin on the beach with friends. And carrot salad -a South African classic.

My children remained healthy, I remained healthy and employed, and even though I endured a few humbling and cruel situations that were fairly *brutal*, I came through it relatively unscathed.

My hopes for 2017 is to move my life forward. In a positive way. To use those brutal, slay-me-to-the-core experiences to grow. To overcome. To be a better me.

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