Perils of Facebook

Yesterday I woke up on a hot summer day, very sunny, feeling low on serotonin and generally needing a pick-me-up. I was kid-sitting four kids and studying for a Java 8 exam, 700 pages of technical speak, because I’m a nerd and have nothing better to do with my time. And being technically weak I need all the help I can get. (So go and study 700 pages as punishment and then do the exam and pass).

Something about me. I love being around people. I’m not always loving one-on-one-being-under-pressure-to-make-scintillating-conversation company, but I love to be in a group. Something else, I hate being left out, I’m a classic FOMO (fear of missing out).

This morning I saw on fb a post of one of my besties on a Sunday picnic yesterday with others I know. I was not included. I hate that Fb has to advertise people’s private personal events in my face. I hate that I was not included and spent a boring day indulging in ice-cream and being a nerd.

Sometimes there are things I’d rather not know about.

10 thoughts on “Perils of Facebook

  1. Really, some things we just do need to know. What is with FB? My friend left a big notice on her blog she and family will be in Europe for 6 weeks…Why not leave an invitation to have your house robbed…this is Miami!

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    1. That’s ridiculous. Last night I spoke to my friend, not a word about the event as she probably knew I would be upset to a certain extent, but I found out on fb anyway. I won’t mention it, just blog about it here 😊

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  2. I haven’t closed mine because it helps to keep in touch with family in South Africa. But I need to log on perhaps less frequently. Often people post things (babies, achievements, social events etc) without realizing it may affect others. Most of us are guilty in some way as we don’t always realize what others are going through, I guess I have my own issues to work through too xx

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  3. Trust me when I say you are creative and fantastic hen it comes to writing, to be true I had to google serotonin to know that what makes me happy and sad before I could proceed any further. Just could not understand who is giving the Java exams, it should be easy to clear.
    I would say even if FB was not there, such news are always brought to us thought other channels and mediums, we did never grew up with FB still when someone boosts about his tour or fancy game we knew how to handle it. So the matter of fact is that we should be able to train our minds to handle situations and they will handle the technology shift in turn. A more holistic approach and moral thoughts should be rooted esp. in children to know whats best for them. Keep posting and have a good day.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! Oracle is giving the Java 8 exam, there is so much to learn and practice, quite a big change from previous versions. I loved the thoughts you have shared thank you!


      1. Oracle is your kid I suppose, and irony is she has Java exams, wish her all the best from my side, java is not that tough nut to crack. Once it gets in the head 700 pages are not meant to be read – its all in your finger tips.

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      2. I know it is in the fingertips but I am trying to learn the new features, I already code in java 7 and previous. I am learning about the new features, functional programming and streams, it is all new functionality

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      3. In that case please ignore my words, you will just do wonders – besides update on API and libraries also check about MVC and dependency injection. These are also wonderful to explore.

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