Perils of Facebook

Yesterday I woke up on a hot summer day, very sunny, feeling low on serotonin and generally needing a pick-me-up. I was kid-sitting four kids and studying for a Java 8 exam, 700 pages of technical speak, because I’m a nerd and have nothing better to do with my time. And being technically weak I need all the help I can get. (So go and study 700 pages as punishment and then do the exam and pass).

Something about me. I love being around people. I’m not always loving one-on-one-being-under-pressure-to-make-scintillating-conversation company, but I love to be in a group. Something else, I hate being left out, I’m a classic FOMO (fear of missing out).

This morning I saw on fb a post of one of my besties on a Sunday picnic yesterday with others I know. I was not included. I hate that Fb has to advertise people’s private personal events in my face. I hate that I was not included and spent a boring day indulging in ice-cream and being a nerd.

Sometimes there are things I’d rather not know about.

Feeling my Fear

I am not quite fearless. Instead, I have a ridiculous fear. It is not a life-threatening fear or anything like that. Just a simple, random fear of missing out. If anyone knows me, they will know I am the epitome of a FOMO (fear of missing out). Yesterday I missed out. A group of friends spent a day at the river. I had been partially invited. It was difficult getting the actual details yesterday morning, there was a big mix-up, the friend who had invited me had a migraine and never responded to my text. So I never received the details until it was partially too late. So I decided not to go. I found out today they had a great day (apart from my friend with the migraine). A friend of mine from South Africa was there as well. I haven’t seen her in many years, and would have loved to have been there and seen her again. I feel really glum at having missed out. I know there are bigger issues in the world, but even so, I am sad at having missed out on a great day yesterday, with people, community and friends.